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The NC Justice Academy Online Learn Center has moved to a new web site:
You will need to register on the new site before taking any courses. To register, go to the site and click WebForms, then New User Registration. Fill out the form and submit.

Approvals will begin on September 8. Once you are approved (within 48 hours), you will receive a welcome email with access instructions
If you have questions, please contact Anthony Aycock at Thank you for your support of the NC Justice Academy.





Once you have completed a North Carolina Justice Academy's Learn Center Online Training course, you will be able to print out your certificate of completion.  Simply click the small certificate below and follow the instructions. 

If your printed certificate shows the Website name in the header and the URL address at the bottom pf the page, you will need to change your Internet Explorer settings.  Simply open up your Internet browser and click the "File" button.  Then you will need to click the "Page Setup" button.  At that point, you will need to delete any code that shows in the "Header" and "Footer" section.  This will remove the header name and URL from the footer for your certificate.

NOTE:  Your certificate will look better printed in "Landscape" format.  To print in this format, when printing your certificate, you will need to click the button "Preferences."   Under the "Printing Preferences" window, look for the "Orientation" section and change the settings from "Portrait" to "Landscape" and click "OK."  Then click the "Print" button.


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